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Forest Studio

A piece of forest in your home.




care and love nature

Minimum care.

They require a minimum care.

Water when the moss looks dry (2-4 times a year), make sure that they get enough natural light and enjoy!

Calm your heart rate.

"The living space of modern people has moved from outdoors to indoors – more than 85% of a person’s daily life is spent indoors."

So, let the plants move in. They reduce psychological stress, improve moods, and enhance cognitive health. They increase productivity, creativity, idea generation and problem solving capabilities. Plants lower blood pressure and calm heart rate.

Catproof plants.

It's so difficult to keep our indoor plants save from these lovely trouble makers. 
Not only the broken leaves, but it is also dangerous as some of our indoor plants are toxic to cat! 
Closed ecosystems with our favourite plants are perfect for catlovers!


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